British buses - MikeMorant
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This photo was taken at Brighton Corporation Depot in Lewes Road, GN6220 was otiginally a Thomas Tilling AEC Regent with Dodson bodywork built in 1931. Brighton Corporation purchased it from Brighton Hove & District and numbered it 81, it was painted grey and ysed for driver training. In 1940 it was requisitioned by the Royal Navy but returned to Brighton Corporation in 1946. GN6220 was bought from BH&D in October 1938 specifically for driver training, I don't think it was ever used in passenger service. It was an AEC Regent 0661 petrol engined bus, after return from the Royal Navy it continued as a driver trainer until it was scrapped in April 1952. Brghton Corporation acquired 2 more buses of the same type from BH&D, one was converted to a tower wagon and the other was eventually sold and was reregistered and rebodied as a coach.
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