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An interesting one for the London bus aficionados. This is the bus stand outside London's Victoria station and it seems that the picture, a lantern side by the way, couldn't have been taken in any year other than 1934.
When the LPTB was formed on July 1st 1933 it briefly adopted "General" as its bus brand name. The London Transport fleet name didn't come into general use until well into 1934 and buses were still being delivered from Chiswick with the GeneraL name until well after this photo' was taken. Some acquired buses, notably but not exclusively from the Tilling Group, were actually repainted by the LPTB into this "General" livery which was ironic as LGOC and Tilling had been bitter rivals.
STL 277, the bus nearest the photographer with licence plate AUC 517, was completed at Chiswick works when it's body was mounted on 30th November 1933 and it was licensed and entered service with effect from 1st December so this photo could not have been taken any earlier than that. However, this type of STL was an LGOC design which was inherited by the LPTB and it continued in production until late in 1934, by which time 405 bodies of the same basic type had been completed. In the interim, the (now) LPTB design team at Chiswick had been cleaning up the design and the first of these bodies were completed in October 1934.
These STLs were the last large batch of buses delivered to the LGOC/LPTB with petrol engines, and subsequent batches had the ubiquitous AEC 7.7 litre oil engine, a specification to which the majority of petrol engined STL buses (including STL 277) were converted. STL 277 later operated from Forest Gate (G), Willesden (AC), Chalk Farm (CF) and Cricklewood (W) garages and was withdrawn from service wef 17th October 1950 and sold to R L Daniels of Rainham in Essex for scrapping.
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