BR Standard 2-6-0's - MikeMorant
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BR Standard 2MT 2-6-0 no. 78060 wearing a 27D Wigan shed plate photographed at taken at Dobbs Brow Junction John D. Webster describes thus:
"Dobbs Brow Junction was between Daisy Hill and Hindley. At that time, it was quadruple tracked from the outskirts of Manchester, via Atherton, to Hindley No. 3 Junction where the line split – two tracks diverging to the left to form the Pemberton Loop Line bypassing Wigan, and the other bearing right through Ince to Wigan Wallgate. This junction allowed some fast commuter trains from Manchester to Preston, Blackpool and the north to bypass Bolton and was routed by what became known as the Hindley and Blackrod Branch."
[Mike Morant collection]