Southern electric traction - MikeMorant
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This picture is an interesting bit of Southern Railway history. The train comprises what became the familiar combination of 6-PUL/6-Pan units with, in this instance, 6-PAN unit No. 2024 leading southbound near Hooley. 2024 was the set's original number dating from mid-1935 but along with all the other six car electric sets had 1,000 added to the number thereby becoming 3024 from 1937 and so this shot's date is easily narrowed down to a relatively short timescale. The other point of interest is the headcode which had many people, including myself, baffled to begin with but it transpires that 50 was the normal code for Victoria-Ore via Quarry and Eastbourne during the period when this picture was taken. David Woodcock adds: "Apart from the Brighton Belle, it was unusual to see roof boards being used on the Central Division, however this train has them, suggesting that their use may have been more normal in the early days of electrification."