Southern electric traction - MikeMorant
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Green liveried Southern electric 4-CEP unit 7103 passes through Purley Oaks station at speed producing some motion blur on 22/8/59. the 52 headcode denotes an Eastbourne - Victoria express.
An observant viewer of this image has supplied these supporting notes: 7103 - One of the (4) pre-production sets based for many years at Brighton, along with the 2x4BEP's built at the same time. Still appears to have original (pre-1957) small BR "Ferret & Dartboard" logo (centre of leading vehicle). Also roof inter-vehicle footboard, large headcode numerals, whistle above cab window, only one windscreen wiper, and of course NO first class cantrail band in 1959. Interiors on these pre-production units included a lot of venered wood, as opposed to the Formica type materials used in the production units. Also nice heavy chunky shoe beams (better in icy weather) as opposed to height limiting bars applied to the 1964 CIG and later units!
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