Southern electric traction - MikeMorant
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Bulleid/Raworth Southern Electric Co-Co No. 20003 in black and silver livery working in its most familoiar mode for me as I used to watch this train passing through Norbury when I was a youngster. There's no date with this shot of the Newhaven boat train approaching South Croydon but it's interesting to note that the mainly Bulleid rolling stock appears to be in the relatively short-lived plum and spilt milk livery.

Summer saturdays (nearly) always saw a steam hauled relief train which was usually hauled by a Maunsell mogul but on one occasion the pulse raced as I realised that it was double-headed by a mogul as pilot and a Bulleid original as the train engine. What wouldn't I give for a shot of that as double-heading on The Brighton was a rare occurrence.