SR 4-6-0's - MikeMorant
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N15 class 4-6-0 No. 454 Queen Guinevere was one of the Maunsell 1925 'rebuilds' of the Urie G14 class of 4-6-0's from LSWR days. The rebuilding aspect was nominal of course as these all-but-new locos used very little from the G14's and so this loco belongs in the creative accounting category although the Drummond 'watercart' tender did form part of the legacy. This shot is difficult to categorise as the motley rake of stock makes one wonder just what sort of working this is as the first coach seems to have patterned curtains and the third coach is either an 'ironclad' or isn't of SR origin at all whilst the fourth and sixth coaches have guard's lookouts. The number on the tender doesn't have an 'E' prefix which indicates a post-1932 shot whilst the supplied location is Wimbledon although I have a feeling that it's actually Raynes Park which has been confirmed by a viewer. No. 454 spent most of her post-war years at Salisbury shed and was withdrawn from there as BR 30454 in October 1958. It's always a pleasure to receive concise and informative background data from viewers and the following from Chris Knowles-Thomas makes for interesting reading: "The headcode is 'West of England' & given the motley rake (mainly non-corridor) I suspect a semi-fast from Salisbury. Leading coach is a LSWR panelled corridor compo (or possibly all first). The second is an older short (48ft) LSWR non-corridor lavatory compo (SR diagram 263?). Many were rebuilt on longer underframes but those unaltered had gone by early 1939. The third is dificult - it's not an Ironclad. It might be one of the six panelled corr. brake compos of 1918 built with high elliptical roofs. Four to six comprise a LSWR non-corr. lavatory '3-LAV' set of 1906. Built as 4-sets, the SR reduced them to 3-sets from 1935 on."