SR 4-6-0's - MikeMorant
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This undated cameo features SR Maunsell 'Scotch Arthur' N15 class 4-6-0 no. 30783 Sir Gillemere in charge of an inter-regional train at a very wet Southampton Central. There's much to see here as the loco's fireman hugs the water bag whilst the driver operates the stop cock next to the water column. The safety valves are blowing off with exhaust steam nicely picked out against the stormy skies whilst a westbound train of green liveried Bulleid stock departs from a Down platform. 30783's train has blood & custard BR Mk1 stock (set 880 et al) behind the tender and this will be taken as far as Oxord where GWR motive power will take over the haulage duties of this Bournemouth West - York or Newcastle service. 30783 was built by NBL in 1925 and was allocated to Bournemouth mpd from April 1951 until September 1960 which was followed by 5 months at Salisbury where withdrawal symptoms became apparent in February 1961.
[Mike Morant collection]