SR 4-6-0's - MikeMorant
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A pair of different stuyles of Maunsell N15 'King Aartur' class 4-6-0's near basingstoke on 30/4/60. On the left is 30798 Sir Hectimere which was one of what are popularly known as 'Scotch Arthurs' with six wheel tenders despite the fact that they had no connection with Scotland whatsoever. On the right is 30770 Sir Prianius which was one of the batch built by NBL in 1925. 30798 was a Salisbury engine when this shot was taken and would be withdrawn there in December 1962 whilst 30770 was based at Eastleigh and would remain there until September 1962 followed by a short stay at Basingstoke where withdrawal came in the November.
[Mike Morant collection]