SR 2-6-0's & 0-6-0's - MikeMorant
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SCTS: The Hampshire Venturer 10/3/63 As is evident elsewhere in this collection, I photographed the first leg of this tour in colour at Wimbledon when the preserved Drummond T9 no. 120 was the motive power on its journey from Victoria station to Andover Junction. It was there that Bulleid Q1 class 0-6-0 no. 33039 took over the haulage duties to Grateley, the Bulford Camp branch, back to Grately and thence to Salisbury at which point no. 120 was once more in charge as far as Southampton. The special is depicted here at Newton Tony but with no sign of the small headboard that was carried for the rest of the tour. No. 33039 was an Eastleigh allocated engine when this tour ran and would remain there until withdrawal in June 1964.