SR 2-6-0's & 0-6-0's - MikeMorant
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An unusual shot of a pair of back-to-back and commendably clean Bulleid Q1 0-6-0's with 33035 leading pass southbound through Raynes Park on a pw train in September 1962. 33035 was a Guildford based engine when this shot was taken and was withdrawn from there in June 1964. Not that unusual according to David Woodcock: "Pairs of Q1s were the motive power of choice on heavy engineers trains - they hauled (and stopped) well and they were particularly good at just easing a few feet to or fro to accurately position the train for unloading. If the train had any distance to run, the tender-to-tender coupling arrangement was preferred as the leading loco was smokebox-first in either direction, facilitating signal sighting."

bulleidq1060doubleheaderraynes park