SECR tender engines - MikeMorant
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An interesting and unusual picture (see the note below) showing former SECR Wainwright 'C' class 0-6-0 no. 31720 seemingly on board a cross channel ferry at the Dover terminal on 21/3/60. 31720 was a Dover Marine allocated engine at the time but would be transferred to Ashford in April 1961 followed by withdrawal in the following October.
Since writing the above David Woodcock has written some very interesting observations about this picture: "There is more than meets the eye about this shot of 31720 which is actually on a Dunkerque boat in the ferry berth at Dover. Look at the head code disc, the loco isn't shunting but has entered the ferry to collect something that it is going to haul to London (probably Bricklayers' Arms) via Tonbridge and the Crowhurst spur. It probably isn't a coincidence that 31720 was one of a handful of C class locos that still had working Westinghouse brakes in the 1960s. What was it collecting? Probably air-braked but within the UK loading gauge, an engineering vehicle of some sort perhaps?"
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