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G.R. Lockie: Mid Kent Railway & West End & Crystal Palace Centenarian 30/12/56
Former SER 'O1' class 0-6-0 no. 31048 opened the proceedings for this tour and is seen here departing from Catford Bridge for London Bridge where no. 32472 would take charge.
Incidentally, I was a participant on this tour and travelled in one of the LBSCR coaches just visible at the rear of the rake of eclectic stock.
Little detail is known of this tour at the time of writing. It started from Beckenham Junction where I boarded and where, from memory the LBSCR stock was attached to the consist. The tour's objective was to visit New Wandsworth Goods and was, as far as I know, the only passenger train ever to do so. The other point of note is that the tour was arranged by Mr. Lockie whose usual itineraries were geared towards the needs of his beloved Ramblers Association with track bashers as a side issue to put bums on seats but this Sunday afternoon jaunt was strictly for we spotters.