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BR and/or G. R. Lockie: The Kentish Heights Special 10/11/57
It was intended that GWR no. 3440 City of Truro would start this tour and run as far as East Croydon where 31064 would take over the haulage duties but she failed and no one is sure what actually happened next. However, what is known is that Wainwright/ Stirling O1 class 0-6-0 no. 31064, splendidly turned out as ever by the Stewarts Lane cleaners, arrived at Clapham Junction with the special as depicted here in the stygian gloom underneath the footbridge. The sixbellsjunction web site doesn't state or, indeed, know, who chartered this special. I think it's a G. R. Lockie effort with ramblers in mind based on the fact that it went via Crystal Palace, his nearest station to home I think, and actually stopped there.