SECR tender engines - MikeMorant
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SECR Wainwright 'C' class 0-6-0 No. 1583 awaits departure from the SER platforms at London Bridge station. This seemingly bland portrait is actually of great interest to SECR aficianados as the engine has no 'A' prefix to its number which suggests that this was taken in the 1930's. The stock appears to be one of the SECR 14 coach sets of six wheeled vehicles with a characteristic third brake with birdcage lookout. According to Gould these sets were used for excursion traffic and that's obviously the type of train that this is although I wonder if it's a hop pickers special as much of that traffic originated at London Bridge and was typically hauled by the 'C' class. Perhaps the excursion number '100' and the headcode provide clues for the SR experts to ponder. No. 1583 was built at Longhedge Works in 1903 and survived until withdrawal from Stewarts Lane mpd in July 1961 as BR 31583. From a valued viewer: "Headcode is Hastings line via Catford Bridge, Oxted and Crowhurst Spur - almost certainly a hop-pickers (or, perhaps more likely, a hop-pickers' friends) special possibly running through on to the K&ESR at Robertsbridge with an ultimate destination of Bodiam." And a bit more from me: amongst my collecting habits is that of railway luggage labels and within that the SECR/SR ones specifically for these hop-pickers trains alhough they never actually state that but what has always puzzled me is that there are none to destinations on the KESR even though it's known that they went there.