SECR tender engines - MikeMorant
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SECR Maunsell D1 class 4-4-0 no. 502 with LNWR stock, just seven coaches including a luggage van, behind the tender at Addison Road, Kensington, station. The carriage roofboard on the leading coach is clearly legible and states "Liverpool Lime St. - Herne bay - Margate - Ramsgate Harbour".
An enquiry regarding this service and the stock by Bill Bedford (thank you) placed with the members only LNWR web forum elicited this response:
The date of the photo is probably a Saturday in July/August 1922. The train originated at Liverpool Lime Street at 10.30 with through carriages for a variety of destinations including Eastbourne (1 x BTK, 1 x BCK) and Ramsgate (1 x BCK). A similar train left Manchester London Road at 10.40, including carriages for Ramsgate (1 x BCK) and various vehicles for Eastbourne - the "Sunny South Express". At Crewe the trains were reformed, the West of England vehicles formed into a new train and the Ramsgate and Eastbourne portions combined. This train left Crewe at 11.46 and after a stop at Nuneaton arrived at Northampton at 1.52. Here the Birmingham portion (arrived 1.45) was attached - this left New Street at 12.30 and was made up of three vehicles for Eastbourne, and three or four for Ramsgate (BTK, RCK, BCK and TK this last, on Fridays only although in the photo it is the BTK which is not present). The combined train left Northampton at 2.02 and arrived at Willesden at 3.11. Here the train was divided once again and departed to Eastbourne at 3.16 (LBSCR engine) and Ramsgate at 3.21 (SECR engine). The Ramsgate train was scheduled to call at Kensington from 3.28 to 3.30. Arrival at Ramsgate was 5.57.
No. 502 was rebuilt from a Wainwright 'D' class 4-4-0 in 1921 by Beyer Peacock and would be withdrawn as BR no. 31502 at Faversham shed in February 1951.
[Gurney Smith / Mike Morant collection]