SECR tender engines - MikeMorant
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For a change with these negatives that I took when I was a kid this shot can be dated to the Christmas holiday period in 1955. I was immensely surprised to see Wainwright 'D' class 4-4-0 no. 31488 on a parcels service at Clapham Junction and I've forever after been surprised at just how good this shot is because it was misty (thanks go to digital technology for cutting through that obstacle) and quite late in the sfternoon as can be seen from the length of the shadows. What I hadn't realised until more recent times was that it wasn't that unusual for a 'D' to be seen at Clapham Junction as many spent their later years at Guildford shed as was the case with 31488 when this shot was taken although the end was nigh for this loco as withdrawal, at Guildford mpd, came only two months after this shot was taken.
Photo taken by Mike Morant