SECR tank engines - MikeMorant
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SER Stirling designed 'R' class 0-6-0T no. 1069 in SR days and post war at Ashford. This depiction shows 1069 in its Wainwright rebuilt state with short chimney and domed boiler making it an 'R1'. The chimney is an oddity that I don't recall seeing before and it does nothing to enhance the loco's appearance. 1069 received its BR branding in March 1948 and would be withdrawn in June 1958.
Chris Knowles-Thomas has provided these informative comments: "This is one of the locos retaining Stirling cab and having reduced boiler mountings so that it could operate over the Canterbury & Whitstable branch, Tyler Hill tunnel on that line having very restricted clearances. The stovepipe chimney was fitted in Oct 1943. I have seen it said that these came from Urie 4-6-0s which had had their stovepipes replaced by U1 class style chimneys."
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