SECR tank engines - MikeMorant
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Southern Railway Wainwright 'P' class 0-6-0T no. 1325 was loaned to the KESR in 1946 and she is depicted here with a typical mixed passenger and goods train at Headcorn Junction on 12/9/48. Of the eight 'P' class members three have survived into the heritage era but 1325 wasn't one of the lucky ones being withdrawn in March 1960 whilst allocated to Brighton mpd.
The coach is an ex LSWR 48ft brake third, SR diagram 111. The K&ESR acquired two of these in 1935/36, SR Nos. 2714 & 2684 becoming K&ESR nos. 4 and 5 respectively so this is one of these but there is no legible number or text visible in the original scanned image unfortunately.
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