SECR tank engines - MikeMorant
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Wainwright 'P' class 0-6-0T no. 31027, with BRITISH RAILWAYS in full on the tank side, is depicted here on the coal road at Brighton shed which poses the question, “Why was it at Brighton when it’s a popularly held belief that 31027 was a Dover Marine based loco from nationalisation until withdrawal in March 1961?”
February 1952 to Eastleigh ‘for attention’ whatever that means and why Eastleigh when Ashford was much closer to Dover?
March 1952 stored at Fratton shed.
October 5th, 1952 and on its way back to Kent, 31027 stopped over at Brighton mpd where it was obviously put to good use as seen in this picture.
Mid-November 1952 (precise date not known) 31027 proceeded to Ashford and was stored there until May 1953.
Thereafter 31027 reverted to type and worked out of Dover Marine shed.
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