SECR tank engines - MikeMorant
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It always tickles me when this location is mentioned because I've been a pipe smoker for fifty and more years and the cry "You're alight" isn't an unfamiliar one. And so we have here a shot of Wainwright 'H' class 0-4-4T no. 31530 paused at Uralite Halt on the former SECR's Grain branch in one of the more desolate parts of Kent. The halt was opened in 1901 to provide rail access for staff at the nearby British Uralite Works and was closed on 4/12/61. No. 31530 has had its shed plate removed but I suspect that this shot was taken during its time allocated to Tonbridge shed between February and September 1961. the last rites for 31530 were performed at Three Bridges mpd in March 1962.