SECR tank engines - MikeMorant
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Not the crispest of images but just about worthy of inclusion. Flat bunkered Wainright 'H' class 0-4-4T no. 31266 in is charge of a green liveried SECR birdcage set between High Rocks and Tunbridge Wells West in September 1959. 31266 was a Tunbridge Wells West allocated engine when this shot was taken and would remain at TWW until withdrawal in September 1960.
The 'birdcage' brake shown is part of two coach PP set 659 which was the last regular 'birdcage' brake left in passenger service, no. S3324S whilst its driving companion was brake compo renumbered to S6409S, also ex SECR. This PP set came about because of the 1937 Swanley crash where 'Trio' Birdcage set 535 was involved and one brake was totally destroyed and so the centre composite vehicle was rebuilt as a driving brake compo and paired with 3324 in 1938. It was the only ex SECR Birdcage brake to receive BR (S) green livery and was withdrawn in November 1961.
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