SECR tank engines - MikeMorant
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An undated but 1930's portrait of SECR Wainwright 'R' class 0-6-0T No. 1155 at Ashford. This loco was built in 1898 and had a relatively short working life being withdrawn from service in 1939. Chris Knowles-Thomas's submitted notes are more comprehensive than mine: "A 1930s portrait of one of James Stirling's SER 'R' class 0-6-0Ts with domeless boilers. 22 were built and the SECR, under Wainwright, rebuilt 13 of them with domed H class boilers as class R1. The last R1 went in 1959 but the last R was withdrawn in 1943. 1155 has a short chimney enabling it to work on the Canterbury & Whitstable branch. The adjacent coal bunker belongs to a LCDR/SECR class R or R1 0-4-4T."