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This shot isn't up to the standard I try to achieve but I thought it had sufficient subject interest to persevere with it. I think it was taken from the end of a platform at London Bridge station looking towards Waterloo. The Schools has a BR number plate which isn't sharp enough to read whilst the former LSWR electric unit has a newly painted bull nose front and a unit number beginning with '4'. There's been a very interesting follow-up from David Woodcock ....... "Taken indeed from the London end ramp of platform 2 at London Bridge. The train of continental vans hauled by the Schools will have come from Ewer Street, where they were a familiar site before the opening of Hither Green Continental Goods depot, and is about to pass through platform 2 en route not for Dover but for Bricklayers' Arms courtesy of a reversal north of New Cross. I never did work out whether the train engine propelled the train down the bank or whether the Arms' shunter came out and hauled it down. As well as the Continental goods facility, there was a loco servicing area at Ewer Street, and these moves were a very convenient way of getting main line locos thence to Bricklayers' Arms shed."