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The magnificent steeple of Exeter's Anglican church of St Michael and All Angels in its entirety dominates the background to this shot taken from close to Central station as maunsell 'Z' class 0-8-0T no. 30955 pilots 'N' class 31842 in charge of a passenger train descending to St. David's station at river level. The image is brimming over with interest beyond that of a Southern double-header with those wagon turntables in the right foreground and the carriage sidings beyond the main line both centre and left of picture. The signal gantry in the foreground is a nice touch even if it partly obscure the 'Z' and I wonder if there was once another signal arm directly above the post. Chris Osment informs me that theis semaphore controlled the exit from the Up Sidings onto the Up Local (platform line).
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