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An undated and unloved negative which needed quite some tlc but was well worth the effort in my opinion. I know the location is Amberley and that the camping coach's stock number is S2. The historical background was kindly supplied back in my Fototpic days. From Mike Watts via the SEmG Yahoo group: "This ex-LCDR 5 compt. 6-wheeler no. S2, was one of 12 converted for the 1935 summer camping coach season. It was Camping Coach no 2, obviously, being ex SR 1619 and pre-war was based at Umberleigh on the North Devon line, 2 stations before Barnstaple Jc. During WWII these camping coaches were in use as departmental coaches, but converted back to camping coach use after the war. It was then moved to Amberley, where it joined Camping coach no. 7, also an ex-LCDR 6 wheeler, formerly SR1728. This is the one which can be partly seen on the left in the photo. They were both withdrawn after the 1953 camping coach season and removed from their sites early in 1954 along with all but 2 of the original 12 ex-LCDR 6-wheelers, which were losses in WWII. Most of these ex-LCDR 6-wheelers were located pre-war at ex-LSWR 'secondary' stations the exceptions being no.7 at Amberley, and nos. 4 & 6 at Martin Mill in Kent." Additional information from David Woodcock: "It's worth mentioning that S2 is ex-second cf S7 (partly visible) which is clearly ex-third - and also drawing attention to that piped water supply (probably mains but not certain as station supplies were often drawn from loco water tanks) which presumably feeds both vehicles and which I believe is an unusual feature (water usually being drawn from a tap via buckets, etc)."