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An unusual view of Kemp Town station looking towards the tunnel and Lewes Road. This negative was listed on Ebay as Folkestone Junction which it obviously wasn't. Kemp Town station opened to passengers in 1869 and closed to passengers permanently in 1933 but goods traffic continued to use the facility until 1971. I travelled the length of the branch on 23/6/56 in red liveried LBSCR stock hauled by the Brighton works Terrier DS377. There's a loco is this shot which I originally thought was an E1 but closer inspection suggests that it si more likely to be an E4 0-6-2T and I suspect that the shot was taken in the 1950's.
Artefacts from this branch are understandably scarce and LBSCR luggage labels, of which I'm a collector, are one of the few 'unknowns' although I do have a solitary and scarce example from Lewes Road. I'm also the proud possessor of a Parly (Parliamentary) single ticket from Kemp Town to Lewes Road dated AUG 23 76.