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The Surbiton - Okehampton car carrier train departs from Exeter St. David's for Okehampton with Bulleid rebuilt light pacific no. 34056 Croydon at the helm on 12/8/61. The reason for the underlined "rebuilt" in the previous sentence is that there is frequent debate within e-groups as to whether or not rebuilt Bulleid pacifics ventured beyond Exeter on former LSWR metals. It's obvious from this picture that they did but they would venture no further afield than Okehampton because of the axle load restriction on Meldon viaduct. The Okehampton shed turntable could accommodate them as it was 70' long.
The Okehampton car carrier service ran between the 18th June 1960 and 12th September 1964 in the summer timetable. It comprised 8 GUV's adapted to carry motor vehicles plus 3 passenger coaches; a Bulleid brake 2nd open, Bulleid Kitchen/Restaurant (except the first year of operation) and a BR Mk1 2nd open.
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