Other SR related material - MikeMorant
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I think that this is quite an unusual view of a little photographed subject. The picture was taken from the footbridge at Waddon Marsh Halt looking towards Waddon. On the left there are gas holders whilst in the far distance are the cooling towers of Croydon 'A' generating station. An unidentified C2X is on a Down goods working in the foreground, the home signal for the next Wimbledon - West Croydon two car unit is in the 'off' position and to the right of the shot is Croydon Gas Works. This is a poor negative quality wise but the depicted scene portrays just what a dismal landscape this used to be. I should know as my first job out of school was just across to the right of shot and I used to cross the road bridge behind the photographer twice each working day on a route 115 bus (Whyteleafe was the morning's destination) which was an RT route. The vista from the top deck whilst crossing that A23 bridge was, in a word, grim. A viewer has kindlt sent me this additional information: "Particularly useful in showing the ringed arm for the Goods to Up Gas Siding Starter. That arm was replaced by a short, ringless arm in about April 1960, the ringed arm having been removed from the Up Goods Starter on 23/2/54."