Original Bulleid pacifics - MikeMorant
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Bulleid original light pacific No. 34023 Blackmore Vale, in a distinctly grubby state and minus nameplates hurtles towards Waterloo with an Up Bournemouth express. The slide isn't dated but I'm fairly certain that this was the height of summer in 1966. The location is, personally, an interesting one as this was where I used to go with my parents in the 1950's after they had tended my mother's family graves in Esher churchyard and sometimes, weather permitting, we would walk to this spot which is nearer Hersham than it is to Esher. I've looked on Google maps and am pretty sure that this is now the Hersham Village Golf Course but back in the day it was just a field with cows and accompanying detritus. 'Nice' for a picnic spot but also great for watching D15's, Nelsons and spam cans tearing by.