LSWR tender engines - MikeMorant
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LSWR Adams A12 'Jubilee' class 0-4-2's Nos. 618 and 622 were both built by Neilson & Co. in 1892/3 and are depicted at Guildford in the 1930's. I wasn't sure of the precise location at Guilford but Peter Smart has kindly sent this offering: "Strictly speaking this is on the station side of Farnham Road and not at the side of the shed. The siding that the locos are standing on was used for storing locos at weekends after final duty on Saturday. The fires would be lit here ready for Monday morning duties. The coaling stage is further to the right of this view and the line in front of the the locos gave access to it.. When I was a boy in the 1950s we used to be able to get to the other side of the usual line of locos on a Sunday morning there was foot access from a gate by the junction of Farnham Rd. and Guildford Park Rd. and the path went way up past the coaling stage. We were never chased away from there and often talked to the fire lighter on Sunday afternoons."