LSWR tender engines - MikeMorant
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Former LSWR Adams designed 0395 class 0-6-0 no. E083 fitted with a boiler from a scrapped LCDR M3 class 4-4-0 at Exmouth Junction mpd. This engine, together with the rest of the 0395 class was built by Neilson & Co. Entering service as LSWR no. 69 in November 1885. The first of several renumberings of this loco came in March 1889 when it became the more familiar no. 83. Allocation to the LSWR duplicate list as no. 083 came in June 1908. The Southern applied the 'E' prefix in October 1926 as shown here c. 1930/1 but this was followed by a change to 3083 in June 1935. 3083 was one of the few 0395 veterans to survive into the nationalised era and was BR numbered 30565 in July 1948. Withdrawal at ERastleigh mpd came in February 1953 after 68 years of service.
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