LSWR tender engines - MikeMorant
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Ramblers Excursion: The William Penn Special 15/5/55
This shot was taken between Pinner and Northwood Hills with the picture taken from Cuckoo Hill road looking south whilst the footbridge in the distance connects Starling Close to Hazeldene Drive and we have the rare sight of Drummond T9 'Greyhound' 4-4-0 No. 30719 on Metropolitan Railway metals working southwards in fading light en route for Waterloo from Great Missenden. This section from Harrow North Junction to Watford South Junction was double track until 1960 when electrification to Amersham/Chesham was introduced and LT steam working ceased. The work included adding the two extra roads between those points, the west side pair being classed as fast (mostly, but not exclusively, used by the BR Marylebone services), and the east side pair being for stopping services. Interestingly, the photo shows a wide space on the right, which IIRC is where the new tracks were laid at this point. The plans had been drawn up before WW2, and some preparation for the work had been done before Hitler put his two-penn'orth in, so it looks a bit overgrown in the mid 50s. [Supporting notes above from an SEmG message board enquiry]

LSWR. DrummondT9440Metropolitan