LSWR tender engines - MikeMorant
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LSWR Adams A12 'Jubilee' class 0-4-2 No. 643 with an Up passenger train comprising entirely pre-grouping stock passing through Raynes Park station. The headcode suggets that this is possibly a Southampton terminus to Waterloo service. There seems to be no 'E' prefix to the engine number which suggests that this shot was taken after 1934 when it was removed but counter to that is that there are brass plates on both the trailing splasher and the cab side which suggests that this is probably a 1920's view and the 'E' prefix on the tender isn't visible on the negative. 643 was built by Neilson's in 1893 and survived WW2 only to be withdrawn in July 1947. Some supporting notes from Chris Knowles-Thomas: "An all LSWR train! The leading four coaches are a non-corridor lavatory '4-LAV' set of 1906. The SR started to reduce these to '3-LAV' sets in 1935 but it took a number of years to complete the process. The last four seem to be another 4-set of some kind with an odd loose coach between the two 4-sets."