LSWR tender engines - MikeMorant
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Urie N15 class 4-6-0 no. 737 King Uther - Uther Pendragon was the father of King Arthur - passes the engine shed on the approach to Bournemouth Central station in 1947. No. 737 was of 1918 vintage and would be fitted with multiple blast pipes with wide chimney in 1941 whilst Bulleid's malachite livery with sunshine lettering was applied in October 1946 whilst allocated to Eastleigh mpd. King Uther would be annointed with its BR number 30737 in June 1949 whilst allocated to Bournemouth and there 'she' would remain until withdrawal in June 1956. The coach that's just visible at the left of shot is number is 2948 which was 3-LAV set 260, the other coaches being 5063 and 2949. Built by the LSWR in 1907 as a 4-set, the SR reduced it and similar sets to 3 car from 1935. Set 260 was withdrawn in Feb 1951. [Coach data supplied by Chris Knowles-Thomas]