LSWR tender engines - MikeMorant
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Adams 0395 0-6-0 class No. 0436 in an undated view at Tavistock. The number actually narrows down the period when this picture was taken. The engine was built in 1883 by Neilson & Co. And entered service with the number 436 but became a duplicate number when a Drummond L11 with the same number entered service stock in 1906. In 12/1923 the original number was suffixed with 'A' and that was its working number until 4/1924 when it became 0436 in SR stock but that number, as shown here, was carried only until 9/1932 at which point there was yet another change to 3436. So, the illustrated number was worn for only just over five years. At nationalisation there was a complete change when the number 30574 was applied which lasted until withdrawal from Guildford mpd in 1957.