LSWR tank engines - MikeMorant
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The Adams O2 class of 0-4-4T managed to look neat and tidy no matter the livery they wore and this LSWR livery suited them particularly well. This undated view features no. 211 which was built in the Nine Elms workshops in March 1892 and is depicted here in a siding adjacent toat the second Ryde shed - subsequently replaced with a new one in 1928 - with the premises of Jolliffe Bros. as the backdrop. Although the negative isn't dated it is probable, in view of its pristine condition, no coal in the bunker and spotless buffer heads, that this was taken immediately after 211's reassembly at Ryde's workshops in May 1923 soon after shipment from the mainland.

No. 211 would later be renumbered as W20 and named Shanklin. This ensured a long lease of life and W20 survived to see out the end of steam operations on the island at the end of 1966. We are fortunate that a member of this class has survived to this day on the Isle of Wight.