LSWR tank engines - MikeMorant
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Drummond M7 class 0-4-4T's 30052 and 30053 were tempoaririly transferred from Fratton to Faversham mpd in February and March 1953 respectively in order to provide a shuttle service between Faversham and Herne Bay following the catastrophic storm surges that left much of North Kent under water. Here we see 30053 (ironically) taking on water at Faversham station during the short period of the M7s' Kentish vacation. Both locos moved in the April to Brighton shed at the end of this stint.
David Woodcock adds ........ "Note the very unusual top-and-tail pull-and-push working, some, at least, of these trains had a 2-car pp-set plus a strengthener both fore and aft of the loco. There had been some similar (but usually shorter) workings between Brighton and West Worthing prior to electrification, and it probably happened on occasions elsewhere in conjunction with special events, but it certainly wasn't the SR pull-and-push norm."
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