LSWR tank engines - MikeMorant
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This is 0-4-0ST no. 734 Clausentum which had entered LSWR stock in 1892 as a shunter for the burgeoning Southampton Docks hence the engine's name which is the Roman one for Southampton. The loco had originally been delivered by Hawthorn Leslie in 1890 but weren't incororated into the LSWR's capital stock until they had proved themselves in service. It isn't obvious in this shot that it has its LSWR number applied but it is actually quite clear on the small plate affixed to the box on the running plate. The oval plate on the cab's side sheet is the HL builder's plate. This shot was taken at Eastleigh and is undated which raised an interesting conundrum as Bradley states that the number 734 was applied in 1914 but the SEmG web site's data suggests 1920 which, IMO, is more likely as there was a Terrier with that number already in capital stock until the latter date. Clausentum would continue to give sporadic service until withdrawal in September 1945 whilst allocated to Eastleigh.