LBSCR B4 4-4-0's - MikeMorant
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LBSCR Robert Billinton designed B4 class 4-4-0 no. 59 approaches Hove station from the Worthing direction c. 1923/24. Built by Sharp, Stewart in September 1901 and named Bagshot, withdrawal would come as SR 2069 in August 1934. This is a post-grouping shot as the entire rake of rolling stock is of LSWR origin.
An observant viewer adds these notes regarding no. 59: "The shape of the framing at either end was unique to this loco. It does not have the reverse curves seen on the rest of the class. This feature dates from the period when it ran with a Phoenix Smokebox Superheater (now removed). The tender appears to be in LBSC livery but it also seems to have an SR numberplate on the cab side. The lining visible on the driving wheel splasher suggests that the loco is still in LBSC umber livery. There were a few locos that appeared in a mixture of styles during the transitional period immediately after the grouping."
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