LBSCR tank engines - MikeMorant
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LBSCR Marsh I3 class 4-4-2T, no. 22, evidently in trouble at East Croydon. This was a drewadful negative to restore but it was worthwhile because it is so evocative. I have visions of the photographer, probably W. Hopkins Brown who was an LBSCR clerk, being told what was happening, grabbing his hefty tripod, his plate camera and dashing headlong along the footpath in order to take this shot. Everthing about the negative suggests that the photographer wasn't using a tripod and that the picture was taken 'blind' by holding the camera on high and trusting to luck. I'm also sure that the loco was moving forward when the shot was taken despite a crewman doing running repairs.
Now, rolling stock isn't my forte but would I be right in thinking that the stock might be of LNWR origin?