LBSCR tank engines - MikeMorant
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When I include a less than perfect image there's always a good reason for doing so. This undated view shows Billinton E2 class 0-6-0T in company with a Maunsell W class 2-6-4T at Stewarts Lane depot. The rason for the shot's inclusion in this gallery is to determine what that apparatus in from of the water tank was for.
Chris Knowles-Thomas has sent me the following explanation: "The equipment is the Weir feed water pump. The E2s as built where fitted with condensing apparatus. Condensing warms the feed water which does not suit normal cold water injectors. So the E2s had one hot water injector and the Weir pump. All this gear was removed from the E2s between 1944 and 1951 (2109 in Jan 1948) and two Ashford cold water injectors fitted instead."
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