LBSCR tank engines - MikeMorant
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Ex-LBSCR Marsh I2 class 4-4-2T No. 72401 in unfamiliar guise. This loco bagan life in 1908 as No. 19 in Brighton stock and was of a type which was distinguished only by its relative failure to perform. On withdrawal in 1937 it was sold to the military for use on the Longmoor Military Railway and despite a shortage of motive power during WW2 at that facility it seems to have seen little or no use. The assigned stock number was 2401 which was later prefixed with a '7' which is how we see it here on a an engine that's clearly seen better days. This is an undated view but I suspect that it was taken in 1952.
Additional background from Chris Knowles-Thomas: later SR No. B19 & not renumbered 2019 until 1931 at the earliest.