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Marsh designed I3 class 4-4-2T no. 2089 was built in 1912 after Billinton took over the CME reins at Brighton and is depicted here 'on shed' in the company of a GWR tender but where was this shot taken? David Fidler has noted that 2089 was allocated to Salisbury for use on the Portsmouth services in the late 1930's. This shot wasn't taken at Salisbury or Fratton and so the likeliest location is Eastleigh mpd which the row of houses in close proximity to the railway also suggests.
David Vidler has provided some additional supporting notes: "It is an unusual viewpoint for Eastleigh with the turntable to the right, the shed roads behind and houses in Southampton (?) Road in the background. Even the GW tender fits - the 1938 WTT shows that the I3 would have arrived at 1.55 and a preceding arrival at 1.41 was the 10.18 Didcot-Eastleigh worked by a GW engine."
No. 2089 together with classmate 2091 was loaned to the GWR from December 1941 and both were allocated to Gloucester until July 1942 when they were reallocated to Worcester. They stayed there until July 1943 when they were returned on the 21st to the SR, being at Bath Rd on the 22nd July.
2089 would survive into BR days acquiring BR branding in March 1949 whilst allocated to Eastbourne which is where withdrawal would occur in April 1951.
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