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Originally an LBSCR Stroudley designed 0-6-0T of 1876 vintage and classed as an E1 0-6-0T, Maunsell rebuilt this and several others of the same class into 0-6-2T's in 1928 with a radial trailing truck and designated them as the E1/R class which became known for their work west and north of Exeter. Here we see SR liveried 2608 shunting at Barnstaple on 26/8/50. Withdrawal for this loco came in May 1957 at Barnstaple Junction shed where it had been allocated for many a year.
One lives and one learns. Wagons are not normally high on my agenda although a good shot of a Private Owner example is always most welcome. However, Jonathan Wealleans sent me the following which persauded me to look closely at the original scan: "Note the ex-PO wagon with the wartime markings; when the livery became so badly worn/illegible that the owner could not be made out, the owner's name and wagion number were painted on the lower left corner along with the fleet number. Of course, they were never returned, but clearly that was the original intention."
The original image tells us that the wagon was owned by GRIGGS LONDON 1526.
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