Isle of Wight - MikeMorant
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It's a bald statement: this is Adams O2 class 0-4-4T No. W32 Bonchurch depicted at Ryde Pier Head on 1/9/49. We're seeing the earliest incarnation of BR livery for the Isle of Wight's fleet of O2's with British railways in full on the tank sides and malachite green livery which, strangely in my opinion as I'm not a fan thereof, suited these locos rather well. However, Whilst looking at this picture prior to writing the caption I realised that there was something odd about it. Is it as rare as I think it is to see a loco with its nose pointing towards the Pier Head? I think all my other shots show them pointing southwards. An interesting answer - interesting because I was unaware of it - from Mark brinton: "32 at this time was a Newport allocated loco. These locos generally faced towards Ryde Pier Head, whereas Ryde allocated locos had their bunkers facing towards the Pier."

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