Isle of Wight - MikeMorant
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Stroudley A1 'Terrier' no. 77 Wonersh was built in June 1880 by the LBSCR at its Brighton works and was rebuilt to A1X standard was implemented in 1911 but, for whatever reason, was withdrawn by the Southern in 1925. All was not lost as it was stored and subsequently moved to the Isle of Wight in 1927 where it was given the numbetr W3. That identity was changed to W13 (don't know when) and the name Carisbrooke was applied as seen here in this splendid portrait taken at Bembridge station.
W13 returned to the mainland in May 1949 and was quickly refurbished as a BR brnded engine with the number 32677. Withdrawal would come in September 1959 at Fratton mpd. A remarkable survivor.