Isle of Wight - MikeMorant
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Stroudley A1 'Terrier' no. 46 Newington was built in December 1876 by the LBSCR at its Brighton works and was sold in 1917 to the LSWR which subsequently sold it o to the Freshwater Yarmouth and Newport Railway don't know when) which applied th number '2'. The Southern Railway later applied the name Freshwater in Octobe 1928. The Southern hanged the number to W8 in April 19321 and so this undated shot taken at Newport was self-eidently taken after that. W8 returned to the mainland in My 1949 and was BR branded as no. 32646 going on to claim minor fame as Hayling Billy after withdrawal in November 1963 at Eastleigh. It survives to this day on the KESR nd is still in its original A1 form.