Bulleid rebuilt light pacifics - MikeMorant
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The lack of front end sharpness tells the tale that this train caught me by surprise as it was expected but running early or I hadn't expected it in the first place. At first glance it would appear to be the Bournemouth Belle but the Portsmouth harbour headcode suggests otherwise. However, I know this shot of rebuilt Bulleid light pacific 34010 Sidmouth was taken in November 1963 on the Down Main at Raynes Park but I have no idea what occasion, event or visiting dignitary warranted the rake of Pullman cars. To the rescue comes this tale from Ian Shawyer: "I lived in Winchester and would often come down to my spotting location near the signal box with crossing at St Cross. It was on a Sunday and I waited and waited to view the Belle. Well it didn't turn up and I wondered why only to see in a later issue of Ian Allan's Trains Illistrated a photo of the Belle passing through Petersfield, diverted because of engineering works, hence the Portsmouth headcode."

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