Bulleid original light pacifics - MikeMorant
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RCTS/LCGB: North Midlands Rail Tour 11/5/63 Bulleid original West Country pacific No. 34006 Bude passes the unlikely location of Mill Hill Broadway station on a very dull May morning in May 1963. This tour wasn't the greatest of successes as 34006 allegedly let the side down with late running on both the Down leg from St. Pancras to Derby and the Up leg from Burton to St. Pancras but see the addendum below which is revealing. In any event, the visit to Derby works had to be by-passed as a result of the late running. Harry Richardson has sent me the following from the horse's mouth so to speak: "I was the fieman on the return trip of this tour whilst my driver was Joe Smiddy and we were both stationed at Kentish Town Loco. Bude was in a wicked state. The coal wasn't up to main line work and my mate had lots of trouble with the steam reverser."